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T250/T500, 2 Cylinder Ignition

€ 191,00
The Sparcon Ignition system offers a low-cost, effective electronic ignition conversion for a large range of classic contact-breaker motorcycles from the 1960's to the 1980's. The system allows precise timing on each cylinder, giving smoother, higher, more powerfull revving, and stronger spark at lower rpm. And as it is an induction system there are no parts to wear out, no points wear problems or timing jitter and all with no maintenance required.The switching unit is integrated in the inductive pickup located on the baseplate contact brk, so no separate electronic switching unit to mount some were on the motorcycle. Manufactured for many years named "SPARCON" is easy-to-fit kit is non-destructive and allows a return to original condition if desire. A dedicated wiring harness is supplied which is tailored to match the bike's original wiring loom colours and connectors. Standard, 4 Ohm motorcycle coils are recommended with 3 Ohms being the lowerst coil resistance which can be used with the system.
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